Dolomite Grey (S181) Eastline Thin Brick

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Dolomite Grey (S181) Eastline Thin Brick

Product Thickness Details:

This product is available as 3/4" thick extruded thin brick as part of our Eastline series of products. Please contact the Hanley Plant for more information at 1 (800) 854-4753. Eastline products are available in Modular and Utility sizes as listed below.


Product Information

  • Type:

    Thin Brick
  • Color:

  • Style:

  • Plant:

  • Series/Collection:

    Tuscan Series
  • Texture/Finish:


Special Order

  T H L  
Modular Thin Brick 3/4 2-1/4 7-5/8 in
Utility Thin Brick 3/4 3-5/8 11-5/8 in
Unit Specifications Glen-Gery thin brick are typically manufactured to conform to the requirements of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Specification C 1088, Grade Exterior.  Depending upon the particular product selected, Type TBA, TBS, or TBX may be available. These products also conform to the requirements of ASTM C 1088, Grade Interior.
Dimensional Tolerances

Glen-Gery thin brick are manufactured to provide specific dimensional tolerances. The dimensional tolerances of the product are intended to be within the requirements of ASTM C 1088, Type TBS for general use. Some products (including but not limited to those manufactured at the Hanley Plant) are manufactured to meet Type TBX. Products with colors matching Handmade bricks are manufactured to meet Type TBA. The product ordered will generally contain a number of units which are over or under the specified dimensions.

Finishes  Glen-Gery thin brick are available in a variety of textures. The textures include smooth, velour, bar, rug, matt, paper cut, scored, rockface, slurry and sand finishes. The availability of a particular finish is usually dependent on the specific product.  Glazed thin brick meeting ASTM C126 surface requirements are also available.