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Product Profiles

Extruded Brick Product Profile1.19Extruded Brick

LoadbearingHollowBrick 1.19Single Wythe
Loadbearing Hollow

Glazed Brick Product Profile 1.19Glazed Brick

Molded Profile 1.19Molded Brick

Handmade Product Profile 1.19Handmade Brick

Thin Brick Profile 1.19Thin Brick

Pavers Profile 1.19Interlocking
Clay Unit Pavers 

 ColorMortarBlndProductProfile 1.19Color Mortar Blend

StandardMortar TechColor Mortar Blend

GGM TypeN ProductDataSheet 2019Pre-Blended Mortar
Type N Product
Data Sheet

GGM TypeS ProductDataSheet 2019Pre-Blended Mortar
Type S Product
Data Sheet


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diedrich tech-logo

Diedrich Technologies
Masonry Cleaning 

Technical Profiles

Cleaning 1.19Cleaning New

BIA-Revised-Energy-BMWBIA Tech Note 4B
Revised Energy Code 
Compliance of 
Brick Masonry Walls

BIA-Note16-Fire-ResistanceBIA Tech Note 16
Fire Resistance of 
Brick Masonry

BIA Note 46 MaintenanceBIA Tech Note 46
Maintenance of 
Brick Masonry

ClayBrickTechSpecs1.19Glen-Gery Guide
Specification Nom 4"
Word Doc

SWLoadbearingSpecs1.19Single Wythe Loadbearing
Hollow Clay Brick 
Guide Specification
Word Doc

ThinBrickGuideSpecs1.19Glen-Gery Thin
Brick Guide Specification
Word Doc

MoldedBrickGuideSpecs1.19Glen-Gery Molded 
Clay Brick
Guide Specification
Word Doc

Handmade Brick 
Guide Specification
Word Doc

4t2Masonry Construction 

CircularArches 1.19

Circular Arches using 
Standard Brick


Radials 1.19Curved Brick Walls
with Non-Radial Stetchers