As defined within our corporate Vision, Glen-Gery’s people are our most valued asset. In support of this position our Board is determined to ensure that each individual recognizes the value of colleagues and seeks to encourage a caring attitude towards each other and towards people who come into contact with our operations.

The Company will manage its operations to ensure both its employees and others work in a healthy and safe working environment and comply fully with statutory environmental and health and safety regulations as a minimum. They will seek to continuously improve and update Environmental and Health and Safety Guidance and Management Control Systems in order to minimize the impact on our environment as well as the impact of accidents and ill-health. The company is committed to pollution prevention, environmental compliance and continuous improvement in environmental management.
The Company undertakes to provide and maintain:

• The development of their employees in all relevant Environmental, Health and Safety aspects within the business.
• A safe and healthy working environment within our plants, and all corporate facilities, ensuring safe working procedures; building maintenance and safety control processes for all materials, substances and work practices.
• All reasonable steps to minimize and prevent improper releases to air, water, and property.
• Compliance with and improvement on environmental regulatory requirements and company policy through monitoring, inspections and third-party reviews.
• Involvement of all employees in Environmental, Health and Safety Improvement through suggestions and community programs.
• Compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.
• Environmental, health, and safety information, instruction and training.

All employees are encouraged to discuss health, safety and environmental issues with their respective management teams. To ensure a satisfactory response to any/all environmental and safety concerns, company defined Environment, Health & Safety management resources are assigned to deliver the appropriate, satisfactory conclusion. The Company consults fully on environmental, health and safety matters through safety committees and environmental and safety representatives.
Employees have a responsibility for their personal safety and for the well-being of others. They should:

• Work safely and efficiently and comply with agreed safe working procedures.
• Use the means and facilities provided properly and not misuse or interfere with anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare.
• Cooperate in the investigation of accidents and dangerous incidents and in measures to prevent recurrence.
• Report unsafe equipment; building health concerns and bad working practice.
• Report any accidents, conditions or incidents that have led to injury or damage to people, property, or the environment.

All employees will be encouraged individually and through the site Safety Committee to actively participate in the processes necessary to monitor, measure and improve our environmental, health and safety performance i.e. training, risk assessments, safety/environmental audits and inspections, accident and near-miss investigations etc. By using these resources, the Company will endeavor to prevent and reduce accidents and to minimize the impact on those affected and the environment surrounding our communities.

We will achieve the safest working environment possible. For us to achieve this it is essential that all company employees work together to develop and maintain a proactive Environmental, Health and Safety attitude which in turn will deliver a world class Environmental, Health and Safety culture in the business. In doing so, we will ensure the safety of our people, a clean environment, and deliver on our goals: To have well trained, well informed, highly committed and enthusiastic employees; and to safely manufacture and deliver products which provide the best choice, value and quality.