Fundraising with Glen-Gery's Personalized Brick

Personalized, engraved brick from Glen-Gery is a great way for your organization to raise money. Whether you’re a non-profit, school, church or any other organization, contact Glen-Gery’s Personalized Brick team for more information.

Personalized Brick can be a novel alternative to the usual, but all-too-common fundraising methods. Glen-Gery has put together the following guidelines* to help make your efforts count.

Develop Your Fundraising Plan

  • Identify the type of fundraising approach you wish to use (door-to-door sales, gift donations, special events, raffles, etc.).
  • Select/elect the fundraising committee.
  • Set a realistic monetary goal (based on actual cost vs. profits).
    • Goals must be attainable based on the portion you wanted to raise using Personalized Brick.
  • Decide on a budget (how much you need to cover your expenses).
  • Determine how many campaign workers you need to make the necessary contacts to raise that amount of money. Be realistic.
  • Recruit volunteers.
    • Set up teams to be responsible for tasks.
    • Break down tasks into small pieces.

Set Timetables

  • Coordinate schedules for training sessions and meetings.
  • Set a firm timetable for progress on the project for which the funds will be used. Also, include production time for the product you are selling.

Identify Prospective Donors

Keep in mind your donor prospect group must contain enough people to fulfill the monetary goals you have set.

  • Concentrate on building relationships with those prospects who can afford to contribute for years to come.
    • Individuals -- Those associated with the program or people within a certain area.
      Example:You are trying to raise money for a new addition to a fire station. Your target would be individuals that live within a 25-mile radius because those people would be concerned about proper fire protection from their local fire department. They would be willing to help improve the facility because it would mean better protection.
    • Local Businesses -- Most businesses in your area are willing to donate funds because it gives them the opportunity to gain exposure in the community; it is also good public relations to be involved with good causes.

Train Your Volunteers to Sell Personalized Brick

  • Your volunteers must be aware of the reasons you are raising funds for a particular project.
  • Your volunteers should be visible to your prospects and must develop an awareness of the mission of your organization.
  • They must know the goals and objectives of the fundraiser.
  • They must understand their part in that mission.
  • Team must have shared goals (including a respect for leadership and a sense of team spirit).
  • Volunteers should be outgoing and friendly.

Training includes the following:Proper Recognition

  • To be motivated, your volunteers need to be involved in decision-making, properly recognized for their contributions, and given a sense of importance.
  • Find every possible reason to say "thank you."
  • Recognize them often: This not only inspires loyalty, but also keeps new leadership excited so the organization can move forward.

Feature -- It is a unique idea that has not often been used in the past.
Benefit: Gets more attention from prospective donors.

Feature -- Brick is very durable.
Benefit: A name will be immortalized; the product will last forever.

Feature -- The brick can be personalized.
Benefit: Inspires a personal "attachment" to the project.

* These guidelines do not guarantee the success of your program.