Brick is stately, lasting, classically beautiful – but it doesn’t have to present a traditional appearance. (It doesn’t even necessarily have to be red.) At Glen-Gery Brick, America's acclaimed masters of brick manufacturing for nearly 125 years, we believe that brick can reach beyond the conventional in truly stunning ways. Glen-Gery Klaycoat brick offer a chromatically versatile yet competitively priced brick that can enliven and redefine any space, while maintaining the many appealing attributes of classic brick.

Created using the process of extrusion – a mixture of clay and water is sliced into units with wires and then fired – Klaycoat brick comes in a dazzling, practically limitless array of colors and shades, and available in smooth or wirecut textures. Imagine the aesthetically pleasing grace of classic brickwork, and all the architectural and design possibilities it offers. Now, picture that same elegance and potential in any color you like – sky-blue arches, sea-green exterior walls, buildings in virtually any color of the rainbow. Glen-Gery Klaycoat brick can help realize design visions of remarkable imagination and versatility. It opens a world of new options to creative spirits in many design disciplines.

Klaycoat brick's surface is breathable, an important advantage in many applications. Liquids and vapors pass in and out of it without damaging that permeable surface. As Klaycoat brick is priced competitively with standard brick, its remarkable range can enhance your next project without going over budget. All in all, Glen-Gery Klaycoat brick is a formidable design resource, yielding spectacular results that architects can utilize to great effect.

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