Tawny Beige (S32) Thin Brick 3/4"

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Tawny Beige (S32) Thin Brick 3/4"

Product Information

  • Type:

    Thin Brick - Pre-Cast/Tilt-up
  • Color:

  • Style:

    Thin Brick - Precast/Tilt-Up
  • Plant:

  • Series/Collection:

    Tuscan Series
  • Texture/Finish:


Special Order

  T H L  
Modular Thin Brick 3/4 2-1/4 7-5/8 in
Engineer Modular Thin Brick 3/4 2-3/4 7-5/8 in
Standard Thin Brick 3/4 2-1/4 8 in
Engineer Standard Thin Brick 3/4 2-3/4 8 in
Econo Thin Brick 3/4 3-5/8 7-5/8 in
Kingston Thin Brick 3/4 2-3/4 11-5/8 in
Utility Thin Brick 3/4 3-5/8 11-5/8 in
Thickness 3/4" thick (+/-1/8)
1" to 1-3/4" thickness available with ribbed back.
Dimensional Tolerance Requirements +/- 1/16" within the lot for 8" units and +/- 3/32 for 12" units
Ground edge available when required to ensure: plus 0", minus 1/16" for 8" units and plus 0", minus 3/2" for 12" units
Special Shapes Variation of Shape from Specified Angle: +/- 1 degree
24 hr Cold Water Absorption Absorptions average below 6% as tested per ASTM C67
Efflorescence Rated "not effloresced" as tested per ASTM C67
Out of Square +/- 1/16" as measured as measured per ASTM C67
Warpage Consistent plane of +/- 1/16" as measured per ATSM C67
Tensile Bond Strength Bond strength >250 psi average for flat back units as tested per modified ASTM E488
Freeze-Thaw Resistance Testing of flat back brick indicates bond strengths >250 psi average with no detectable deterioration (spalling, cracking, or chafing) after 300 cycles as tested per ASTM C666 Method B (modified)
Modulus of Rupture MOR greater than 1,000 psi as tested per ASTM C67
Chemical Resistance Rating of "not affected" as tested per ASTM C650
Surface Coloring No observable difference in finish after 50 cycles as tested per ASTM C67
Black Surface Texture 3/4" back surface texture will be smooth.
Ribbed surface available with > 3/4" thickness