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Product Profiles

4p3Extruded Brick

gg-singlewytheloadbearinghollowbrickSingle Wythe
Loadbearing Hollow Brick

4p7Glazed Brick

4p4Molded Brick

4p5Handmade Brick

GG-ThinBrickThin Brick

Clay Unit Pavers 

GG ColorMortarBlend
Color Mortar Blend 

StandardMortar TechColor Mortar Blend

GGM-TypeN-ProductDataSheetPre-Blended Mortar
Type N Product
Data Sheet

Pre-Blended Mortar
Type S 
Data Sheet

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diedrich tech-logo

Diedrich Technologies
Masonry Cleaning

Technical Profiles

Cleaning-New-BrickworkCleaning New

BIA-Revised-Energy-BMWBIA Tech Note 4B
Revised Energy Code 
Compliance of 
Brick Masonry Walls

BIA-Note16-Fire-ResistanceBIA Tech Note 16
Fire Resistance of 
Brick Masonry

BIA Note 46 MaintenanceBIA Tech Note 46
Maintenance of 
Brick Masonry

GG-Guide-SpecificationGlen-Gery Guide
Specification - Nom 4"

GG-singlewytheloadbearingholloSingle Wythe Loadbearing
Hollow Clay Brick 
Guide Specification

GG-ThinBrickGuideSpecificationGlen-Gery Thin Brick
Guide Specification

GG Molded Brick-Guide SpecificationGlen-Gery Molded
Clay Brick
Guide Specification

GG Handmade Brick-Guide SpecificationGlen-Gery
Handmade Brick 
Guide Specification

4t2Masonry Construction

regentRegent Brick

circ archesCircular Arches using
Standard Brick

radial profileCurved Brick Walls
with Non-Radial Stetchers