Glen-Gery Corporation is committed to pollution prevention, environmental compliance and continuous improvement in Environmental Management, while delivering outstanding products and services to its customers. The Company believes that sound Environmental Management is vital to the Company's long-term business strategy; it is also consistent with the Company's Continuous Improvement Program.  The Company and each of its valued employees will:

  1. Take all reasonable steps to minimize and prevent releases to air, water, and property;
  2. Provide ongoing training to employees to ensure compliance with and encourage understanding of Environmental regulatory requirements and Company Policy;
  3. Aggressively pursue substitution, recycling, and other forms of waste minimization;
  4. Reduce energy use through application of technology and Company Policy;
  5. Assure compliance with, and improvement on Environmental regulatory requirements and Company Policy through monitoring, inspections and third-party reviews;
  6. Encourage involvement of all employees in Environmental Improvement through suggestions, and community programs;
  7. Assess employee Environmental performance through performance reviews;
  8. Anticipate and respond to potential and apparent Environmental issues that would compromise the Company through use of a no-tolerance internal disciplinary policy;
  9. Aggressively respond to, and minimize impact of, emergency events involving all aspects of the Company's business;
  10. Comply with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations;
  11. Openly communicate our policy to contractors, suppliers, customers and the public.

September 2015